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What is a Leach Field?

A “Drainfield” or Leach Field consists of a network of perforated pipes (or “laterals) laid in gravel under the ground that allows water to pass into the ground from the septic tank.  Typically the pipe consists of PVC or the newer chamber style field lines that have a higher surface area. Septic systems work by gravity where the liquid waste water from the house flows into the septic system (influent) and is discharged from the tank (effluent) to the absorption field or leach field.  The leach field is where the final treatment takes place.

The basic septic tank is designed to retain the solids and scum and prevent them from entering the leach field.  Most septic system provide a two to four day retention time. When the volume of the tank is reduced by the build up of solids and scum, the retention time is reduced allowing higher levels of the undigested sewage travel into the leach field.  This increases the demand on the leach field to break down the undigested material causing a “biomat film” to form.  This biomat is an, ugly, black, anaerobic, layer that prevents the liquid from “percolation” (dispersing into the soil or evaporating through the surface).

The early signs of a Leach Field failure:

  • Odors or surfacing sewage (wet spots)
  • Gurgling sounds in plumbing system
  • Standing liquid over the drain field even during the dry months
  • Backup in plumbing during high water use (early signs of leach field problems)

United Sewer and Drain Leach Field Services

  • Clean leach field lines
  • Repair & install broken or clogged lines
  • Video camera inspections

Here is what we can see in your pipes:

  • roots
  • cracks
  • rocks
  • build-up
  • collapsed lines

United Sewer and Drain can handle any septic system problem you might have, for any septic system installation or septic repair we have a complete line of equipment and the years of experience to complete the job to your satisfaction.

If you have a leach field that is draining slow make sure you call United Sewer and Drain 888 845 2564 as we can advise on options to the costly replacement of your septic system.