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Pipe Lining / Re-Lining Sewer Repair

Pipe Relining is a trenchless sewer repair method that has been used by cities for over 35 years on city sewer lines. Now residential, commercial, municipal, and industrial customers can use this technology on smaller diameter sewer and drain pipes.

Why use United Sewer & Drain Service Trenchless Pipelines?

We offer free estimates, free second opinions, free sewer video camera inspections for residential customers, and we only use the best approved quality materials / resins. We will provide you with the most cost effective method to fix your sewer or drain problem. Make sure you do your homework on any company you plan on hiring to fix your sewer or drain line with trenchless Pipe Re-Lining. We have the experience, approvals, licenses, and insurance to get the job done. We offer the best prices for residential, commercial, municipal, and industrial customers.

The Process:

  1. Existing host pipeline is cleaned out with Hydro Jetting.
  2. Video pipe camera inspection confirms if pipe can receive lining.
  3. One piece felt liner is treated with epoxy resin.
  4. Lining is inserted into old pipe, calibration tube is inflated and expands the lining.
  5. Lining is “Cured-in-Place” as epoxy resin cooks and hardens.
  6. Calibration tube is deflated and removed, video camera inspects the results.
  7. Pipe Re-lining is a permanent, stand-alone, new pipeline.


  1. Restore cracked pipe
  2. Eliminate root intrusion
  3. Close holes in pipe walls
  4. Seal open joints
  5. Seals bottomless cast iron
  6. Storm drain lines sealed
  7. Vertical drain pipes
  8. Electrical conduit lines
  9. Bridge missing pipe
  10. Prevent ex-filtration
  11. From 1′ to 240′ long


  1. Prevents root growth
  2. Diameters from 2″ to 8″
  3. Adheres to existing pipe structure
  4. ANSI/NSF Standard 14 Certified. 50 year minimum design life.
  5. No street access needed
  6. Single point of access
  7. Open at sewer main connection, no cutting
  8. Brand name product, industry proven & trusted
  9. No maintenance after installation
  10. Stops infiltration / ex-filtration
  11. Meets EPA standards IAPMO approval

United Sewer & Drain Service uses Perma-Liner products to perform their state-of-the-art patented “Zero-Dig” repair method. It is well known in the industry that Perma-Liner products are the most cost-effective approach to repairing broken or damaged sewer lines. Their system can actually restore the underground pipe to “better than new” condition in a matter of hours. These repairs can all be made without disturbing landscaping, roads, asphalt etc. All of the action happens underground with no excavation.  You can save thousands of dollars on their sewer repair problems all while keeping existing infrastructure in-tact.