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United Sewer & Drain has expertise in all types of sewer drain and drainage systems including French drains, main lines, kitchen lines, bathtub lines, main line installations, grease trap lines, etc.

We’ are your first choice for drain pipe and sewer line cleaning for commercial and residential projects all over the mid-Hudson Valley region. Efficient service, knowledgeable personnel and competitive pricing are just some of the reasons our clients keep coming back to us.

Leak Diagnosis & Repair: A small leak can cause major damage costing you big money. Have one of our technicians locate and repair your emergency leak.

Drain Cleaning/Rodding: A clogged pipe should stop your drain, not ruin your week. Our technicians are specially trained to carefully unclog any stopped drain without causing any damage to your piping. Guaranteed.

Toilet Repair/Upgrade: A properly functioning toilet is critical to maintaining your home’s healthy environment. Allow the professional technicians to ensure that your fixtures continue to function properly for years to come.

Hot Water Heaters Install/Upgrade: Have a top-quality water heater professionally installed within 24 hours at a reasonable price.  We specialize in expert installation of on-demand hot water heater installation, maintenance and repair.

Boiler Install, Maintenance and Repair:  Keep your boiler running smoothly and stay comfortable. Call For A Free Estimate! We specialize in expert installation of on-demand boiler installation, maintenance and repair

Faucets & Repair/Install: A small leak can cost you $$$ in wasted water. Allow the professional technicians at United Sewer and Drain Service to ensure that your fixtures are functioning properly.

Here is a quick list of the top plumbing services we offer:

  • Ejector/Sump Pumps.
  • Broken Pipe Repair.
  • Installation and Repair of Grease Traps
  • Low Water Pressure Corrected .
  • Gas Lines Repaired & Installed.
  • Sump Pumps and Battery Back-Ups.
  • Code Violations Corrected.
  • Electric Power Rodding of All Drains.
  • Overhead Sewers.
  • Flood Control Systems.
  • Catch Basins Cleaned.
  • Drain Problems Corrected.