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It’s a fact that over time, your septic tank must be pumped. Even though additives are used to decompose the solid waste, eventually it is necessary to remove the sludge and debris in order to prevent backups from your septic system. In providing septic tank pump services, United Sewer and Drain will ensure your tank is free and clear. Septic pumping should be performed every few years, if not you will likely  begin to experience backups, as well as problems in your drain field.

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United Sewer and Drain is a family run septic pumping service company located in Orange County NY. For over 30 years United Sewer and Drain has been providing our residential, commercial and industrial clients with all of their septic pumping, sewer repair and drainage needs. We are highly respected for consistently providing honest, trusted, professional  local services for our valued customers. If you need septic tank pumping services, you need a new septic system we are here for you.


How Will I Know I Need To Have My Septic Tank Pumped?

Your septic system is a essentially a very simple mechanism. Because your property is not connected to the centralized sewer system, wastewater and solid waste from your home is transported to your septic tank via inlet pipes. Inside your septic tank, bacteria and chemicals work to break down the waste into scum and sludge. Over a period of time, this scum and sludge waste will build up and therefore must be pumped out otherwise the tank risks over-flooding, which can lead to cracks in the pipes, leaks, and sewage backups.

The frequency of your septic tank pumping depends on the size of your septic tank and the sizer of your household. If you have a large household and a smaller septic tank you will naturally need more frequent septic tank pumping than you would with a small household that has a larger septic tank. The accepted rule of thumb is for a family comprising of four to have their septic tank pumped once every three years. If you need help determining your septic tank’s sludge levels, call the professionals at United Sewer and Drain Services today.

Regular Septic Tank Money Will Save You Money

Installing, replacing, or repairing a septic system is expensive. Neglecting your septic tank pumping can lead to damage to your septic tank system which extends beyond the tank itself. An overloaded septic tank can lead to sewage traveling back up your pipes and even into your yard, causing extensive damage that will cost thousands to restore and repair. Don’t ignore your septic system. Call United Sewer and Drain Services now to have a professional handle your septic tank pumping today.